The aim of this retrospective study was to investigate the clinical outcome of Dalbo®-Rotex® retention elements in a private practice. The majority of the retention elements was fixed with self-adhesive composite cement, and in almost 40% the exposed root surface was additionally covered with composite. The success rate of 96.3% after 24 months in a total of 50 included patients (response rate 48.5%) demonstrated that a simple and cost-efficient fixation of removable dentures using prefabricated, chair-side inserted retention elements is feasible. Maintenance care comprised once-only or repeated replacement and activation of the female part in 12.3% and 39.4% of the cases, respectively. Fractures were rare, occurring in 3.4% of the cases and more likely in patients with parafunctional habits. Frequent oral hygiene correlated with probing depths up to 3 mm at the maximum, while the risk of greater probing depths associated with less frequent oral hygiene increased by a factor of 2.4. Patients' assessment of the parameters handling and wearing comfort, chewing ability and prosthesis retention was predominantly positive. Based on the findings of the study, covering of exposed dentin areas with composite resin and regular recall comprising professional cleaning, fluoride application and oral hygiene instruction are recommended.

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